WAICA Re Capital provides investment banking services in Africa and beyond.

Clients benefit from the experience and expertise of an integrated team of seasoned specialists.

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced Team

A dynamic and highly experience interdisciplinary team with proven track record in corporate finance advisory and fund management services

A Strong Methodology

Strong research capabilities using well defined top-down, bottom-up fundamentally driven process.

Competitive Rate

Access to a vast network of capital providers and the most competitive rates and quality execution for our clients.

Prestigious Treatment

Excellent customer service and delivery of solution.

Access To Resources

Access to robust balance sheet of our sponsors.

Treasury Market

06/07/2020 - 10/07/2020


91 - Day13.9727%
182 - Day14.0878%
364 Day Bill16.8938%



Daily Interbank FX Rates


  U.S Dollar USDGHS 5.6672 5.6728
   Pound Sterling  GBPGHS 7.1491 7.1574
 Swiss Franc  CHFGHS 6.0325 6.0370
  Australian Dollar  AUDGHS 3.9427 3.9487
  Canadian Dollar  CADGHS 4.1744 4.1780
  Euro  EURGHS 6.4037 6.4083
  Naira  GHSNGN 67.1076 67.1958
  S/African Rand  ZARGHS
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