Our Investment Philosophy and Process

Our investment philosophy is hinge on the belief that market inefficiencies exist at the country, market and security level in the short and medium term that can be exploited to achieve superior return and add value through active management. We believe in adopting a more disciplined approach to investment, based on comprehensive research and understanding of the markets to achieve superior risk-adjusted return over a long the term.

Our investment process is a combination of top-down macro research driving interest rate management, currency and sector allocation; as well as bottom-up analysis for stock picking and yield curve positioning. We believe that this top down-bottom up investment approach provides the best opportunities for achieving superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Our competitive advantage lies in the array of investment talent, equipped with the experience and skill to interpret market dynamics and identify the most compelling opportunities within this constantly evolving environment.

We customized our client-service approach to investment that nurtures partnership with our clients to create specific solutions tailored to meet their investment objectives.

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